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We are available for a wide range of photographic events, such as weddings, portraiture, architecture, design art and panoramic virtual tours. To book our services and a price quote for your project contact us American Press at, or call us at (978) 413-3933.


What is a 360 degree panorama ?
360 degree panorama is a number of individual photographs taken and then stitched together to form a scene which can be viewed interactively.
What is a Virtual Tour?
Virtual Tour is a set of panoramas connected by interactive map or hotspots.
Do I need special software to see 360° panoramas and Virtual Tours?
You will not need anything special or additional. All our panoramas are based on Flash. The best thing about Flash is that 98% of computers have Flash enabled. Our Virtual Tours and 360 Panoramas can easily be integrated into your website without the need of extensive source code modification.
How much is it to get a virtual tour?
Since every project is different we like to discuss your ideas with you and follow up with a custom quote. Fees are based on whole project. To give you an estimate we have to know how many panoramas will be included in the tour, level of interactivity.
How much time does it take to shoot a virtual tour?
Usually one panorama takes between 15-20 minutes.How will I get my Virtual Tour?
As soon as Project is finished, we will email you a link to the virtual tour so you could check it out, then we will send you a download link. A CD could be mailed as well.

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Ron Watson, President and C.E.O of American Press Association  presents Panoramic Photography to enhance your business and your presence on the web.

American Press Association explores the dynamic range of panoramic photography.

The work herein is a collection of panoramic movies and jpg. photos representing various points of interest and attractions of both Southern Florida's tourist and treasured sites of artistic and historical significance.

American Press Association provides eye-catching full screen, high-definition virtual tours. Your website visitor will have an impression of walking through your store or participating in an event that you organized, while sitting in front of his computer.

We offer a wide range of services specifically aimed at marketing businesses, property or increasing website traffic. Your website should show your company image or your products to maximum effect. If you are selling property, yachts, travel, or working in PR or marketing a product or event, an interactive panorama or Virtual Tour will make your website stand out from the crowd.

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